Data Management

In 2013, CNS launched its Biometrics department, a hugely successful expansion of CNS' in-house services, achieving improved speed, quality and integration of program management for all of our clients programs. CNS offer a strong and experienced Biometrics team providing an optimised customer centric service making use of a globally recognised suite of electronic data capture solutions and data analysis tools.

CNS’ service model is to offer the best in market EDC solution, yet retain our flexibility so as to allow CNS to cater for specific Client EDC preferences.  CNS’ preferred EDC systems are Merge and RAVE both of which are provided as Software as a Service (SAAS) solution by eClinical OS and Medidata respectively. CNS standardly offers our clients both platforms to ensure a best fit for our clients short and long term planning. CNS Biometrics software partners are considered best in market with respect to profile, user driven EDC functionality, Support (helpdesk), Technology, Compliance with 21CFRpart11, Costs, and Integration capabilities with other clinical IT solutions. 

CNS' Data Management services include:
  • Fully web enabled eCRF & clinical DB (IT validated,  21CFR11 compliant, secure, 24x7)
  • Data capture & validation (with full audit trail)
  • Listings for Safety Monitoring Committee (SMC) meetings
  • Automated randomisation solutions
  • Electronic diary cards
  • Clinical product inventory systems
  • Coding of medical terms including:
    • Serious Adverse Events (SAEs) & medical history using MedDRA
    • Medication using WHO-Drug Dictionary (WHO-DD)